Un-Managed Metadata: A couple of gotchas

As the SharePoint 2010 dust settles, gushing praise and inflated expectations are slowly replaced by the cold hard reality, as people come to grips with the limitations of the product. One such area is with the managed metadata service. Don’t get me wrong, I like managed metadata a… Continue reading

Improve your stakeholders “Crapness Calibration ™” for SharePoint Information Architecture success

Hi All Here is my simple, patent pending method to use to help users design good SharePoint sites. It combines two very effective IA methods into one and its amazing how it turns people from wanting 1990’s era sites complete with horizontal scrolling banners with animated GIF’s into… Continue reading

A different kind of SharePoint Governance Master Class in London and Dublin

The background Over the last three years, my career trajectory had altered somewhat where I spent half my time as a SharePoint practitioner, doing all of the things that us SharePoint practitioners do, and the other half was spent in a role that I would call sensemaking. Essentially… Continue reading