Leave form article 6 up at SharePointMagazine.net

Due to a sudden burst of motivation (that has since evaporated :-), I finished off part 6 and part 7 of the InfoPath "leave form tribute" series. Arno has just posted part 6 which you can read here: http://sharepointmagazine.net/technical/a-tribute-to-the-humble-leave-form-part-6 Looking for part 7? Ask Arno nicely as I’m… Continue reading

Report on which web2.0 technologies work for the enterprise

I thought that this article was topical given that I am writing on how organisational culture and behavioural style impacts the sorts of collaborative tools that individuals and organisations gravitate to and find useful. The reports cover 11 common Web 2.0 technologies that can potentially find value in… Continue reading

Root Causes of Communication Fragmentation: Organisational Culture

This is the second article in a series of articles which examine factors causing the sort of organisational inefficiencies that lead people to use products like SharePoint. My first article in the series examined individual learning and behavioural styles and their impact on communication and how those same… Continue reading

Root Causes of Communication Fragmentation: Learning styles and behavioural styles

Send to Kindle This is the first article in a short series that will be looking at factors causing the sort of communication problems that underpin the motivation to implement a product like SharePoint. When you think about why you want to implement SharePoint, it tends to boil down to… Continue reading