Trials or tribulation? Inside SharePoint 2013 workflows–Part 6

This entry is part 6 of 13 in the series Workflow

Hi and welcome to part 6 of my series of articles aimed at demystifying various aspects to SharePoint 2013 workflows. We have been using a mythical example of a document approval workflow from our mythical multinational called Megacorp Inc. We have been trying to create a workflow attempting… Continue reading

A lesser known way to fine-tune SharePoint search precision…

Hi all While I’d like to claim credit for the wisdom in this post, alas I cannot. One of Seven Sigma’s consultants (Daniel Wale) worked this one out and I thought that it was blog-worthy. Before I get into the issue and Daniel’s resolution, let me give you… Continue reading

Troubleshooting SharePoint (People) Search 101

I’ve been nerding it up lately SharePointwise, doing the geeky things that geeks like to do like ADFS and Claims Authentication. So in between trying to get my book fully edited ready for publishing, I might squeeze out the odd technical SharePoint post. Today I had to troubleshoot… Continue reading

Why me? Web part errors on new web applications

Oh man, it’s just not my week. After nailing a certificate issue yesterday that killed user profile provisioning, I get an even better one today! I’ve posted it here as a lesson on how not to troubleshoot this issue! The symptoms: I created a brand new web application… Continue reading

SharePoint, Debategraph and Copenhagen 2009 – Collaboration on a global scale

Note: For those of you who do not wish to read my usual verbose writing, then skip to the last section where there is a free web part to download and try out. Unless you are a complete SharePoint nerd and world events don’t interest you while you… Continue reading

New book preview – SharePoint 2007 Developers Guide to the Business Data Catalog

Send to Kindle I’ve been busy on a number of fronts and some of the fruits of that work will appear soon enough, but I thought that I would pop up to let you know about a forthcoming book written by Brett Lonsdale and Nick Swan on a SharePoint component… Continue reading

"Ain’t it cool?" – Integrating SharePoint and real-time performance data – Part 2

Send to Kindle Hi again This article is the second half of a pair of articles explaining how I integrated real-time performance data with an SharePoint based IT operational portal, designed around the principle of passive compliance with legislative or organisational controls. In the first post, I introduced the PI… Continue reading

Why do SharePoint Projects Fail – Part 6

Send to Kindle Hi again and welcome to part 6 of my series on the factors of why SharePoint projects fail. Joel Oleson’s write-up a while back gave me 5 minutes of fame, but like any contestant on Big Brother, I’ve had my time in the limelight, been voted out… Continue reading

More SharePoint Branding – Customisation using JavaScript – Part 6

Send to Kindle God help me, I’m up to part 6 of series about a technology I dislike and still going. For those of you that have just joined us, then you might want to go back to the very beginning of this series where I used JavaScript to improve… Continue reading