Incredible! Download a PowerApp that determines your IQ from a selfie…

Hiya Some of you might have seen my post where I explained how how my daughter, Ashlee (18), won a competition from Microsoft to develop a fidget spinner app. Well if you think that was impressive, check this out… Inspired by the positive feedback from the community, Ashlee… Continue reading

Rediscovering my curiosity at Creative Melbourne

As I write this I am somewhere over the middle of Australia, flying back to Perth after participating in a 3 day event that was fun, challenging and highly insightful. The conference was Creative Melbourne, and I am proud to say I was one of the inaugural speakers.… Continue reading

High school students showing us SharePoint consultants how it’s done

Hi all Once in a while, you can come across a case study that not only showcases innovative and brilliant solutions, but tells a much deeper story that both inspires and teaches. I am writing this post to tell you such a story – a story about genuine… Continue reading

Introduction to Dialogue Mapping class in Melbourne June 13-14

Hi all We have all felt the pain of a meeting or workshop where no-one is engaged, the conversation is being dominated by the loudest or everyone is mired in a tangle of complexity and there is no sense of progress. Not only is it incredibly frustrating for… Continue reading

An Organisational Psychologist is keynoting a SharePoint conference? What the…

Send to Kindle Yup you heard right. I am particularly excited for the Melbourne SharePoint conference in June because I get to unleash “Dr Neil” onto the SharePoint world. Neil (who’s full name is Neil Preston) is an Organisational Psychologist who I have been working with for several years now… Continue reading

Warts and all SharePoint caveats in Melbourne and Auckland

Send to Kindle   Hi all There are a couple of conferences happening this month that you should seriously consider attending. The New Zealand and Australian SharePoint Community Conferences. This year things have changed. There are over 50 Sessions designed to cater to a wide audience of the SharePoint landscape and… Continue reading

Why SharePoint training sometimes doesn’t deliver (and what to do about it)

Send to Kindle I was surprised to see the recent SharePoint Fatigue Syndrome post got some traction in the interweb. As it happened, that particular post was kicking around in an unfinished state for months. The thing is, its not the only “home truth” type of post that I have… Continue reading