A different kind of SharePoint Governance Master Class in London and Dublin

The background Over the last three years, my career trajectory had altered somewhat where I spent half my time as a SharePoint practitioner, doing all of the things that us SharePoint practitioners do, and the other half was spent in a role that I would call sensemaking. Essentially… Continue reading

SharePoint ROI Slide Deck and Sample Scenario worksheet published

Send to Kindle Hot off the press (okay – well SlideShare magic),  I’ve just posted by Best Practices Conference slide deck for the "speak to your CFO" session, along with the ROI spreadsheet for the PMIS scenario that I used during the demonstration. Like the "wicked problems" slide deck, slideshare… Continue reading

More on the Best Practice SharePoint Conference – Feb 2-4 2009 in San Diego!

Hi all I have been extremely quiet on the blogging front lately, because I have been extremely busy, splitting my time between working on my two presentations for the up-coming Best Practices SharePoint Conference, as well as wearing my undies on the outside (ala superman), deep in the… Continue reading

Learn to talk to your CFO: Web Application Scenario – Part 5

Welcome to the fifth article in my series on fostering mutual love and respect between those know-it-all smartarse technical geeks and the guys who do their taxes!  This is the final SharePoint scenario that I will cover in this series, but there will be some more articles coming… Continue reading

Learn to talk to your CFO: WCM scenario – Part 4

Send to Kindle Welcome to the fourth article in my series that attempts to bridge the cultural divide between nerds and accountants. Unfortunately there are more differences to these two strange species than just fashion sense and whether a pocket calculator is in their possession. But despite being poles apart… Continue reading

Learn to talk to your CFO : Collaboration scenario – Part 3

Send to Kindle Hi. This is the third article in a series that attempts to explain some financial analysis techniques to non financial oriented IT people. My first two articles in this series were theory and background and this is the first of three scenarios that illustrates an example. This… Continue reading

Learn to talk to your CFO in their language – Part 2

Send to Kindle Hi, there. It’s been a while since my last post but the whole issue of having a life and earning money kind of got in the way. In addition I have been procrastinating a little, because writing about technical and programming type issues for me are a… Continue reading

Learn to talk to your CFO in their language – Part 1

Send to Kindle Nerds and CFO’s. If there is ever a group of people who don’t know how to talk to each other, it would be those two. Perhaps, I should write a book and call it “Nerds are From Mars, CFO’s are from Venus” (ok for those of you… Continue reading