SharePoint for Cisco Fanboys (and more developers) – Part 4

Send to Kindle Welcome to part 4 of my series on demonstrating SharePoint’s usefulness for storing Cisco configuration backups. What a hard slog it’s been! The last article (part 3) of this series focused on how to modify an open source C# TFTP server to upload files into a SharePoint… Continue reading

SharePoint for Cisco Fanboys (and developers) -Part 3

Send to Kindle As I write this series, it is getting less and less about Cisco and more and more about SharePoint. This article is definitely developer centric, but since Cisco guys tend to be interested in the guts of the detail, I decided to keep going :-). If you… Continue reading

SharePoint for Cisco Fanboys – Part 1

Send to Kindle Cisco nerds! This series is just for you! I know that you think you’re way too cool for collaborative portals, especially a Microsoft one at that. Instead you are more interested in delving into the IOS command line, to perform arcane arts such as debugging that OSPF… Continue reading