Hi. My name is Paul Culmsee of Seven Sigma Business Solutions and welcome to my blog. For my bio, go to my about page. On this site, I discuss mainly SharePoint issues, with particular reference to strategy, governance and return on investment issues, but sometimes I end up writing techno-babble articles too :-)

If you are an IT decision maker, and non propeller-head, or simply interested in topics on the softer side on people and technology, then the articles listed on the right side of this screen are probably for you. For the technical oriented readers, the left side is probably what you are looking for. I do write long posts, I’ll admit, but I try and keep them interesting with some humour.

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SharePoint Performance Management Series

SharePoint 2013 Workflows for Citizen Developers

SharePoint 2007 Branding Series 1

SharePoint 2007 Branding Series 2


Enterprise Integration

Application Development



Cisco Series


Compliance, Methodology and Risk

SharePoint Maturity Series

SharePoint Architect Series

Cloud Computing

Dialogue Mapping

Wicked Problems and Project Management

Planning, Governance and Assurance

Information Architecture and Usability

Strategy and Management

Return on Investment

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60 Responses to Welcome

  1. Nathan says:

    Great amount of information. Thanks Paul. Here’s to hoping you have time to finish part 8 of the leave form with work flow.

  2. Vishnu says:

    You are simply rocking.. im completely benefitted by your website.Thanks a lot.

  3. What a great article, i just loved it and i loved to read it. Excellent thought author,i have bookmarked it.

  4. JW says:

    Hi Paul!
    I liked your articles, stories and thoughts. Please continue writing SharePoint topics.
    Added to bookmarks.

  5. It is too much informative and i did not know about it before reading it. I liked it very much.

  6. It is too much informative and i did not know about it before reading it. I liked it very much.

  7. Beth Coleman says:

    Very inspiring work. I am so glad that we will have the chance to see your presentation on Dialogue Mapping at Unitec Institute of Technology, Auckland. Maybe others would like to attend on Thursday, Jan. 31st, 8:30 a.m. Register here: http://www.catalystco.eventbrite.com

  8. Marco says:

    Cannot access any of the InfoPath links A Tribute to the humble leave form Part 5 or any of the links
    Have tried for two days now

  9. Jon says:

    Very useful and a vast depth of information. Cheers Paul. I will be having a great dig around!

  10. Here Im sending u attachment of my Godaddy Email Hosting Cpanel details.

    And I follow this link to configure SMTP relay to send a email. I configure this into my Sharepoint 2013.
    I configure SMTP Reley in SP server & I took another server to setup SMTP Replay. But SP server its not sending email.


    Basiscally I want to trigger email from sharepoint server to outside. Also I have installed MS Project Server 2013 on SP 2013. In MSP server we need to send task list to end users. So basically I stuck in that perticuler MSP email triggering thing.

    I really dont understant where the problem is.

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