A lesser known way to fine-tune SharePoint search precision…

Hi all While I’d like to claim credit for the wisdom in this post, alas I cannot. One of Seven Sigma’s consultants (Daniel Wale) worked this one out and I thought that it was blog-worthy. Before I get into the issue and Daniel’s resolution, let me give you… Continue reading

Improve your stakeholders “Crapness Calibration ™” for SharePoint Information Architecture success

Hi All Here is my simple, patent pending method to use to help users design good SharePoint sites. It combines two very effective IA methods into one and its amazing how it turns people from wanting 1990’s era sites complete with horizontal scrolling banners with animated GIF’s into… Continue reading

Also why I’ve been quiet…

I’m in an airport (again), typing this on my way back from my latest trip to New Zealand – a country I am loving more and more each time I go there. (Anywhere that I can go that uses the same power plugs as back home is a… Continue reading

Why do SharePoint Projects Fail – Part 6

Send to Kindle Hi again and welcome to part 6 of my series on the factors of why SharePoint projects fail. Joel Oleson’s write-up a while back gave me 5 minutes of fame, but like any contestant on Big Brother, I’ve had my time in the limelight, been voted out… Continue reading

More SharePoint Branding – Customisation using JavaScript – Part 6

Send to Kindle God help me, I’m up to part 6 of series about a technology I dislike and still going. For those of you that have just joined us, then you might want to go back to the very beginning of this series where I used JavaScript to improve… Continue reading

More SharePoint Branding – Customisation using Javascript – Part 5

Hello and welcome to part 5 of another epic CleverWorkArounds blog post. If you think I write a lot on my blog, you should see my documentation and training material! I seem to be rare insofar as I actually like to write documentation and can churn out reasonable… Continue reading

More SharePoint Branding – Customisation using JavaScript – Part 4

Send to Kindle Hi there. As I write this post, the media are telling me that the stock market is stuffed, the US economy is going to the dogs and banks are writing down billions from sub-prime excess. I dare not check my online broker, road traffic this morning was… Continue reading