A Filename Generation Example for PowerApps with Flow

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Hiya A client recently asked to make a PowerApps proof of concept audit app for safety inspections. The gist was that a user would enter an audit number into the App, take a bunch of photos and make some notes. The photos needed to be named using the… Continue reading

Another cause of “The server returned a non-specific error when trying to get the data view from the data source”

Hiya Here is me in tech/troubleshooting mode so you business-types who read this blog can skip this post The Issue There are often times when its very useful to use a SOAP webservice call to a SharePoint 2010 list when binding it to a Data View Web Part.… Continue reading

Troubleshooting PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer Data Connectivity to SharePoint Lists

Send to Kindle Here is a quick note with regards to PowerPivot Dashboard Designer connecting to SharePoint lists utilising Per-user identity on the single server.  The screenshot above shows what I mean. I have told Dashboard designer to use a SharePoint list as a data source on a site called… Continue reading