I am IT veteran of 25+ years, business strategist, Microsoft MVP, sensemaker, author and the director of Seven Sigma Business Solutions. Based in Perth, Western Australia. I specialise in sensemaking, design thinking, strategic planning, complex decision making, digital transformation, IT governance, and all facets of Office365/SharePoint delivery. I have various nerdy certifications so can also mix it with the tech side of things…

I’ve written two acclaimed books, with both award finalists or winners. “The Heretics Guide to Best Practices: The Reality of Managing Complex Problems in Organisations” and more recently “The Heretics Guide to Management: The Art of Harnessing Ambiguity”.¬†

I’ve also run a startup from idea to product delivery and everything in between. Glyma was a WAITTA innovation award finalist and is now open source and deployed in various places.

I’m one of four certified Dialogue Mappers worldwide and the only authorised trainer outside of the USA. Dialogue Mapping is a radically inclusive technique to help groups deal with wicked problems.

More recently I have developed significant skills in Microsoft PowerApps, Flow, Cognitive Services and Azure Functions. This has culminated in running PowerApps hackathons in Australia and New Zealand.

Complex problem facilitation via Dialogue and Issue Mapping (org design, org strategy, project lessons learnt, etc)
Digital Workplace Transformation, Cloud/Hybrid strategy and implementation (AWS, Azure, Office365)
SharePoint governance, Information Architecture and collabroative delivery practices
IT Management, Architecture and Strategy. IT Governance, Project Management, Business analysis, requirements gathering,
Knowledge management and intellectual capital strategy and Information Management/Governance
OD, Strategic planning and goal alignment

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4 Responses to About

  1. Dear Paul,
    I am fortunate to meet your friend Mr. kailash Awati today and would like to connect to you as well. Congratulations ! To you bothfor the Indie award. Wish you more laurels. God Bless your good work and technology contributions.
    kannan sreedhar

  2. Thank you for creating the video in uploading photos to sharepoint From Powerapps. It was just what I needed.

    Do you have documentation on how to get a shared link to the newly uploaded file, and bring it back to powerapps?

  3. admin says:

    Hi Chris

    Yes you can configure the swagger file to send data back to PowerApps in this way. I don’t have an example though but watch this space. When my daughter has finished her exams we will cover this…


  4. John Landgrave says:


    Great write-up on using Flow to allow PowerApps to post to a document library! Thank you for the concise directions. I was attempting to extend your sample by allowing a user to create a list item and then attaching pictures to the attachments field. Everything works as you would expect EXCEPT that the same .JPG file that works in a document library is unusable in the SharePoint UI when it’s attached to a list item!

    Any idea on why the file formats are different and how to make the file compatible with a List Item attachment?


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