I am an IT and business consultant with 21 years experience across several disciplines. I am based in Perth, Western Australia. Since July 2006, I have spent a lot of time working with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, as well as practicing the craft of Issue and Dialogue Mapping, but my background covers many other disciplines, platforms and technologies.

Unlike most other products and platforms that I have worked on over the years, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server is a product that really draws together literally everything I have done over my career. I hope that you find my blog of interest. It is SharePoint centric, but my aim is to write about all of the competencies below with the view of leveraging SharePoint in some way.

My competencies are:

  • Strategic and Business skills
    • IBIS, Issue Mapping and Dialogue Mapping Practitioner (one of only three certified Dialogue Mappers in the world)
    • Project Management
    • Business analysis, requirements gathering, specification/solution development and governance
    • Strong financial acumen. Able to translate technology benefits to ROI via standard financial modeling techniques such as NPV, IRR, DCF.
  • Knowledge and Information Management Principles and Technologies
    • Involved in records management, document and knowledge management since 1998
  • Training skills
    • Certified trainer, both group training and one-on-one sessions
  • Infrastructure Architecture and Management (MCTS, MCSENT4, MCSE2k, CCNP 2003-2006)
    • All facets of security and high available infrastructure design and management
    • Network design for high availability, enterprise level networks
    • Specialist monitoring and alerting tools and technologies
  • Security (CISSP 69425)
    • Risk assessment, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
    • Compliance, Security Policy, ISO2700x, COBiT (Sox)
    • Cryptography, PKI
  • IT Operations
    • Role of senior project/design team member since 1998
    • Project manager of several key IT Infrastructure projects since 1998
    • Mentor/guide other IT staff across various disciplines
    • Application of best practice methodologies into IT operations (ISO17799/27001)
  • Operating Systems and Backoffice Tools
    • Considerable expertise in Microsoft and *nix technologies: Windows 200x, Linux, Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange Server, WSS3/MOSS 2007 and Active Directory.
    • Document Management Systems and Portals: PC DOCS Open, SharePoint 2007, Joomla, WordPress
  • Software Development
    • Application development expertise. Competent developer having released several freeware custom written applications including EZ-Rent and WSUSMon.
    • Worked in a product development/design role and closely with software development teams on various projects.
    • Languages and technologies: Microsoft.Net, Perl, ASP, PHP and shell scripting
    • API’s or SDK: ADSI, XML DOM, OSISoft PISDK, WSUS SDK, SharePoint SDK
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  1. Dear Paul,
    I am fortunate to meet your friend Mr. kailash Awati today and would like to connect to you as well. Congratulations ! To you bothfor the Indie award. Wish you more laurels. God Bless your good work and technology contributions.
    kannan sreedhar

  2. Thank you for creating the video in uploading photos to sharepoint From Powerapps. It was just what I needed.

    Do you have documentation on how to get a shared link to the newly uploaded file, and bring it back to powerapps?

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