Teddies, Fetishes and the Management Consulting Scam

Send to Kindle What if I told you that the key to becoming a successful management consultant was to become a Teddy Bear? What if I also told you that it involves fetishes? You might be re-checking the URL to make sure you are on the right site! Fear not,… Continue reading

My new book about Teddies and fetishes is out…

Send to Kindle   Hi all I am pleased to announce that my new business book, The Heretic’s Guide to Management: The Art of Harnessing Ambiguity is now available in ebook format (The print edition is still a couple of weeks away). Once again I wrote this with Kailash Awati… Continue reading

Confessions of a (post) SharePoint Architect: The self-fulfilling governance prophecy

This entry is part 4 of 10 in the series confessions

Hi and welcome to another SharePoint (post) architect confessional post. In case you are here via the good grace of whatever Google’s search relevance algorithm feels like doing today, I need to give you a little context to this post and the larger series of which it is… Continue reading

I’m published in a PM Journal

Hi all Just a quick note for those of you who are of the academic persuasion or who have an interest in research and academic literature. Kailash and I wrote a paper for the International Journal for Managing Projects in Business. The article is called “Towards a holding… Continue reading

On the decay (or remarkable recurrence) of knowledge

Send to Kindle“That’s only 10%…” One of my mentors who is mentioned in the book I wrote with Kailash (Darryl) is a veteran project manager in the construction and engineering industry. He has been working as a project manager more than 30 years, is a fellow of the Institute of… Continue reading

The end of a journey… my book is now out!

About bloody time eh? The Heretics Guide to Best Practices is now available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and iUniverse.   ] In Paul and Kailash I have found kindred spirits who understand how messed up most organizations are, and how urgent it is that organizations discover what… Continue reading

A different kind of SharePoint Governance Master Class in London and Dublin

The background Over the last three years, my career trajectory had altered somewhat where I spent half my time as a SharePoint practitioner, doing all of the things that us SharePoint practitioners do, and the other half was spent in a role that I would call sensemaking. Essentially… Continue reading