Thinking SharePoint Part 4 – Lessons from Kung Fu Panda

Send to Kindle Article originally published for reproduced here. Greetings, my cleverworkarounds kung-fu students. Paul here again to talk once more about Zen and the art of SharePoint. Now I don’t want to appear all arrogant and pretentious, but for this post you can all call me "sifu" :-).… Continue reading

IT and the Corporate Immune Mechanism – the "Mother Hen" reflex

Send to Kindle Recently, I came across the blog of Dux Raymond, a Project Manager, forthcoming author and trainer who looks at SharePoint from a project management perspective. Being rather interested in that area myself, I read his "Empowered by SharePoint" post. He wrote about the theme of user empowerment… Continue reading

Thinking SharePoint Part 3 – A tale of two clients

Send to Kindle My third post on "Thinking SharePoint" for reproduced here. Hi all [Quick reference: Part 1 and Part 2] If you have followed the first two articles in this series, I have been attempting to talk about SharePoint "head-space". In other words, SharePoint success is so much… Continue reading

Using google to find potentially misconfigured SharePoint sites

Send to Kindle Those in the security community who have ever performed vulnerability assessment/penetration testing will know of the Google Hacking database. Google is actually a very handy tool to look for potentially vulnerable sites, due to the fact that it will crawl anything it finds. Therefore, if you have… Continue reading