Consequences of complexity–the evilness of the SharePoint 2010 User Profile Service

Hiya A few months back I posted a relatively well behaved rant over the ridiculously complex User Profile Service Application of SharePoint 2010. I think this component in particular epitomises SharePoint 2010’s awful combination of “design by committee” clunkiness, along with real-world sheltered Microsoft product manager groupthink which… Continue reading

Australian SharePoint Conference Community Challenge–How we did it.

Hiya I recently participated in the Australian and New Zealand community SharePoint conferences and had a blast. First up, I was given the opportunity to keynote the Australian conference on day 2, where I spoke about SharePoint Governance home truths. It received very positive feedback and I was… Continue reading

How to use Charlie Sheen to improve your estimating…

Monte Carlo simulations are cool – very cool. in this post I am going to try and out-do Kailash Awati in trying to explain what they are. You see, I am one of these people who’s eyes glaze over the minute you show me any form of algebra.… Continue reading