Mrs CleverWorkarounds – Skills and Competencies of Global Managers

Send to Kindle Hi everyone. Some light reading for the weekend 😉 This post is not authored by me (Paul). Instead, my one-and-only darling wife. Apart from being an all-round hottie, she has been studying a post-graduate business course at University. The content of this post is one of her… Continue reading

Why do SharePoint Projects Fail? – Part 7

Send to Kindle Hi all Welcome to the 7th post on this series delving into the murky depths of SharePoint project failure. I’m sure that even if you haven’t used SharePoint, or been involved in a SharePoint project, most will have experiences of being sore and sorry from a project… Continue reading

A critique of the CMS Watch SharePoint Report

Send to Kindle June 30 is the end of the financial year here in Australia, and it has become very busy for me, which is rather annoying as it distracts me from advancing my evil plans for world domination (oh and blogging too). It seems IT departments are realising they… Continue reading

Why do SharePoint Projects Fail – Part 6

Send to Kindle Hi again and welcome to part 6 of my series on the factors of why SharePoint projects fail. Joel Oleson’s write-up a while back gave me 5 minutes of fame, but like any contestant on Big Brother, I’ve had my time in the limelight, been voted out… Continue reading

Globalisation, Strategy, Technology and Organisational Maturity

This post is going a little off-track from the previous 5 posts around SharePoint project failure and I promise I will get back on track again soon. I felt that I had to talk about this topic while we are looking at the nature of project failure, wicked… Continue reading