Mike’s code-monkey "SharePoint suitability" quiz

Send to Kindle Ah – this is exactly my sense of humour. My colleague Mike Stringfellow wrote a post called "Code Monkey Hates SharePoint" where he presents a quick multi-choice questionnaire of seemingly innocent questions that allows you to determine how predisposed your code-monkey is to completely butchering your SharePoint… Continue reading

Boy bands – how to understand the site definition/template debate

Send to Kindle Hi all I’ve read a few blogs on site definitions vs site templates and reading some development centric articles, particularly the alternative presented by Raymond, and expanded by Mike and summarised neatly by Chris. Being a part time developer, I found that the explanation were a little…shall… Continue reading

The one best-practice to rule them all – Part 3

Send to Kindle This is the third post in a series that focuses on what I think is the Holy Grail of project success – particularly SharePoint projects. Like everybody else, I am a product of my experiences, and one of these experiences was a project that included one of… Continue reading

Functional consultants vs *great* functional consultants

Send to Kindle Kristian Kalsing was written a really terrific post, not just because he quoted yet another bloody international standard that I will have to now read (ISO15489). But because, drawing on his experiences of the world of SAP, he has observed that there are some important lessons that… Continue reading

The one best practice to rule them all – Part 2

Send to Kindle Hi all This is part of a somewhat self-indulgent story of how I came to practice a craft that has made a profound difference on how I approach and manage SharePoint projects. If you have not read part 1, then I suggest you stop now and read… Continue reading

The one best practice to rule them all – Part 1

Send to Kindle This is a post or three that I have really been looking forward to writing, and it is a long time in the making for various reasons. Some of you, after reading it, will no doubt wonder if I have been taking magic mushrooms or something similar,… Continue reading

SharePoint ROI Slide Deck and Sample Scenario worksheet published

Send to Kindle Hot off the press (okay – well SlideShare magic),  I’ve just posted by Best Practices Conference slide deck for the "speak to your CFO" session, along with the ROI spreadsheet for the PMIS scenario that I used during the demonstration. Like the "wicked problems" slide deck, slideshare… Continue reading