Why do SharePoint Projects Fail – Part 5

Send to Kindle Hi again and welcome to this seemingly endless series of posts on the topic of SharePoint projects gone bad. We spent a couple of posts looking at problem projects in general before focusing specifically on SharePoint. If you have followed the series closely, you will observe that… Continue reading

Why do SharePoint Projects Fail? Part 4

Send to Kindle Hi again Welcome to part 4 of this series, which examines the factors that contribute to SharePoint projects causing much pain and suffering among project teams. Each post has started with some attempt at humour, before getting into some theory. We’ve had a drinking game, insulted project… Continue reading

Why Do SharePoint Projects Fail? – Part 1

Send to Kindle In honour of the CleverWorkarounds’ coffee rating system used in other posts, this post is rated on tequila shots. You will soon find out why… CleverWorkarounds tequila shot rating: Asking why SharePoint projects fail is like asking why people pay money to see Steven Seagal movies, why… Continue reading