Rediscovering my curiosity at Creative Melbourne

As I write this I am somewhere over the middle of Australia, flying back to Perth after participating in a 3 day event that was fun, challenging and highly insightful. The conference was Creative Melbourne, and I am proud to say I was one of the inaugural speakers.… Continue reading

Introduction to Dialogue Mapping class in Melbourne June 13-14

Hi all We have all felt the pain of a meeting or workshop where no-one is engaged, the conversation is being dominated by the loudest or everyone is mired in a tangle of complexity and there is no sense of progress. Not only is it incredibly frustrating for… Continue reading

An Organisational Psychologist is keynoting a SharePoint conference? What the…

Send to Kindle Yup you heard right. I am particularly excited for the Melbourne SharePoint conference in June because I get to unleash “Dr Neil” onto the SharePoint world. Neil (who’s full name is Neil Preston) is an Organisational Psychologist who I have been working with for several years now… Continue reading

Powerful questions part 2: The key focus area question

Hiya I just recorded the second video on the topic of powerful questions. These powerful questions are the result of the years I’ve spent dialogue mapping many different groups of people on many different problems. As time has gone on, I’ve learnt a lot about collaborative problem solving,… Continue reading

Powerful questions part 1: The platitude buster question

Hi all I’ve been a little busy lately so haven’t had sufficient time to write many articles. This will likely continue for a while as I’m also planning the next heretical book with Kailash. But the other day on a whim, I decided to record a short video… Continue reading

Interested in learning the craft of Dialogue Mapping in Auckland?

Hi all I have spent a bit of time in New Zealand over the last few years, met a lot of really interesting people and frequently get asked about conducting a Dialogue Mapping training workshop over there. I’m really happy to announce that this is finally going to… Continue reading

Confessions of a (post) SharePoint architect: Black belt platitude kung-fu

This entry is part 6 of 10 in the series confessions

Hello kung-fu students and thanks for dropping by to complete your platitude training. If you have been dutifully following the prior 5 articles so far in this series, you will have now earned your yellow belt in platitude kung-fu and should be able to spot a platitude a… Continue reading

Save the date in October: SharePoint Governance and Dialogue Mapping in the UK

Hi all Just to let you know that in October, I will be in the UK to run a SharePoint Governance and Information Architecture class with Andrew Woodward. Additionally, I am very pleased to offer a Dialogue Mapping introductory course for the first time in the UK as… Continue reading

Confessions of a (post) SharePoint Architect: Don’t define “governance”

This entry is part 2 of 10 in the series confessions

Hi all and welcome to the second post of a series that I have been wanting to write for a while. In this series, I am going to cover some of the lesser considered areas of being a SharePoint architect and by association, key aspects to SharePoint governance.… Continue reading