"You’re not ready" – SharePoint kung fu

Send to Kindle A while back I tried to make records and collaborative document management an interesting blog topic by using death metal music to get my point across. Today I have another SharePoint related bone to pick with the world. Hmm, how to make it interesting? Aha! … Kung… Continue reading

Learn to talk to your CFO: Web Application Scenario – Part 5

Welcome to the fifth article in my series on fostering mutual love and respect between those know-it-all smartarse technical geeks and the guys who do their taxes!  This is the final SharePoint scenario that I will cover in this series, but there will be some more articles coming… Continue reading

Learn to talk to your CFO: WCM scenario – Part 4

Send to Kindle Welcome to the fourth article in my series that attempts to bridge the cultural divide between nerds and accountants. Unfortunately there are more differences to these two strange species than just fashion sense and whether a pocket calculator is in their possession. But despite being poles apart… Continue reading