From Rick Astley to Fidget Spinners: A slew of PowerApps and Flow video tutorials

Hiya I have been recording various videos over time of some advanced PowerApps and Flow concepts/solutions. All of these are either workarounds for current limitations in PowerApps or Flow or work I have done with my daughter, Ashlee.  I have listed each here with explanations… How to Save… Continue reading

Incredible! Download a PowerApp that determines your IQ from a selfie…

Hiya Some of you might have seen my post where I explained how how my daughter, Ashlee (18), won a competition from Microsoft to develop a fidget spinner app. Well if you think that was impressive, check this out… Inspired by the positive feedback from the community, Ashlee… Continue reading

The ASS Scale. The best 2*2 management model ever!

So today I was inspired to come out of blogging hibernation because I saw possibly the worst dodgy 2*2 management matrix ever. The piece below was something that was originally going to be part of my next book with Kailash – as we spend some time on why… Continue reading

A Very Potter Audit – A Best Practices Parable

Once upon a time there lived a rather round wizard named Hocklart who worked at the FogWorts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Hocklart was a very proud wizard, perhaps the proudest in all of FogWorts. His pride did not stem from being a great wizard or a great… Continue reading

How to use Charlie Sheen to improve your estimating…

Monte Carlo simulations are cool – very cool. in this post I am going to try and out-do Kailash Awati in trying to explain what they are. You see, I am one of these people who’s eyes glaze over the minute you show me any form of algebra.… Continue reading

SharePoint Webcasts: Reporting Services for the Really Really Good Looking

Last year, Peter Serzo and I presented at the SharePoint Best Practices Conference in DC. We did an extremely serious talk called “SharePoint and SQL Reporting Services 2008 for the really really good looking” which rated rather well. As part of this, we recorded a bunch of screencasts… Continue reading

The problem with sales guys… (a peek into complex adaptive systems)

Vulgarity warning. Its the silly season, I am winding down and being more low-brow than usual with this post There is this wonderful way to look at the world, through a lens of something called “Complex adaptive systems”. Unfortunately with a name like that, it is automatically doomed… Continue reading