More SharePoint Branding – Customisation using JavaScript Part 3

Send to Kindle Hey there. Welcome to part 3 of my series on SharePoint customisation using JavaScript and web parts. So here is the lowdown so far. We are trying to find an effective, repeatable way to easily customise SharePoint form pages, so that we can hide fields or form… Continue reading

More SharePoint Branding – Customisation using JavaScript Part 2

Hi again. JavaScript sucks! There I said it. Despite me hating it as a programming language, I can’t deny that in SharePoint, it does have its uses. CleverWorkArounds Coffee requirement of this post depends on how much you hate JavaScript. Metrosexual web developer    Socially inept technical guy    Luddite… Continue reading

SharePoint Branding Part 7 -The ‘governance’ of it all..

Well, here we are! After delving into dark arts where everybody but metrosexual web designers fear to tread (HTML and CSS), we then delved into the areas that metrosexual web designers truly fear to tread (packaging, deployment and even some c# code!). Finally, we get to the area… Continue reading