SharePoint, Debategraph and Copenhagen 2009 – Collaboration on a global scale

Note: For those of you who do not wish to read my usual verbose writing, then skip to the last section where there is a free web part to download and try out. Unless you are a complete SharePoint nerd and world events don’t interest you while you… Continue reading

The practice of Dialogue Mapping – Part 4

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series DM

Three weeks ago my plasma TV broke, freeing the family from the magic spell of hi-def television. My family took the loss in different ways. My four year old was devastated at the lack of Nintendo Wii, and constantly whined about being bored. My ten year old is… Continue reading

Core Principles for User Engagement – a must read …er… explore!

Send to Kindle I listened to Steve Smith talk about user engagement on the SharePoint Pod Show today and found myself nodding in strong agreement with many points that he made. So while in that mood of stakeholder engagement and how to achieve it, twitter made me aware of a… Continue reading

SharePoint Governance – Debategraph style

Send to Kindle Quick note: This is another of the sort of posts where I cannot help but feel that some readers will wonder what I have been smoking. It is not essential, but reading the “one best practice” series will provide a lot of background to this post. On… Continue reading