Finally – clever filtered lookups!

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Pretty much since I started with MOSS2007 (and back in the pre 2007 days too), I’ve required smarter drop down choices for my columns. Basically, I needed a secondary drop down list filtered based on the choice from a primary drop down list – the whole category/sub category thing. Seems amazing to me that it is not available out of the box.

On my to-do list was to write a detailed post critiquing all the workarounds out there (such as Patrick’s Javascript method and Dattard’s designer work) and rate their cleverness – as per the branding series.

But why bother now? Fellow aussies and clever guys at DataCogs Infomation Technology have provided the best workaround yet via two well coded custom field controls , all packaged up into a solution – too damn easy!

This for me is the mother of all clever workarounds. It is a snap to install and activate and source code is provided. What’s more, the primary/secondary lists can be on different sites. How good is that!

So, thanks, fellas, you have saved me writing a long blog post 🙂

CleverWorkarounds Rating: Pure Genius

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