Name dropping :-)

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In 1998 I met Dr Brian May and got my Queen memorabilia autographed. At the time I thought that was pretty cool and I was the envy of all my Queen fan friends. But today I met an even bigger celebrity :-P, the one and only Joel Oleson who popped up on my plugoo window for a chat. If it wasn’t for the fact I was on the other side of the planet I’d have asked for his autograph too 🙂

He has made a new post, referring to my incomplete series on wicked SharePoint projects which was a real honour coming from someone of his caliber. For you cricket lovers, that’s like Andrew Symonds complimenting you on your batting skills 🙂

Anyway, it’s clear in the tone of his post, that Joel is enjoying the extra freedom he now has in being one of us now :-). I really liked the whole tone of his writing and as always, the indispensable content. Judging by the amount of traffic that is now hitting my site, he still has a fair amount of devoted followers!

Thanks mate, beers on me when you get to Perth!


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2 Responses to Name dropping :-)

  1. Chandima says:

    Paul, great blog! great post series on SharePoint projects. You have another link back on your post series from my blog. Cheers.

  2. JimJ says:

    The nerve, comparing Brian May to…well, anyone!

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