How to Sabotage Your (SharePoint) Projects

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This post from the eLumenotion blog is clever and really tickled my sense of humour.

He describes a declassified wartime era document called the "Simple Sabotage Field Manual" and the content is pure gold 🙂

"It gives advice on how to deliberately screw things up but can also be read as an anti-pattern of behaviors to avoid yourself and to watch for in those you manage or collaborate with. The evil genius of this guide is that all of the techniques it advises are destructive behaviors that normal people exhibit on a daily basis. So, if you were to do these things in a theater of war you could hurt the enemy while maintaining plausible deniability and avoid a firing squad."

Sections include

  • Sabotage Under the Guise of Process
  • Sabotage Via Project Management
  • Sabotage Your Team Via Poor Work

I soooo wish that I had seen this when I was writing the "SharePoint Project Failure" series as I actually touched on some of these areas.

Do yourself a favour and check the post.

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2 Responses to How to Sabotage Your (SharePoint) Projects

  1. Doug Ware says:

    Thanks for your kind words!

  2. If you can’t take the time to read this, skip to page 32 onwards – that’s Section 5.(11). Like me you’ll probably find it scarily reminiscent of people and policies in the larger, and some smaller, organisations you’ve worked in!

    Insist on going though ‘channels’, make long speeches, never take shortcuts, refer all decisions to committees, double check decision is within remit… – absolute gold.

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