It’s a cruel world…

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I’ve been sick as a dog since last Saturday and been off work all of this week. The worst flu I’ve had in years. Thus I’ve been feeling like complete crap, irritable to everyone I go near, running a temperature, skullsplitting headaches and coughing up stuff that could easily be in an X-Files episode.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, because of the above factors I f%#$ing *forgot* about the Opeth concert that I opted out of Tech-Ed for! They played last night and I only realised today!

Many swearwords were uttered today when I realised – it’s enough to make a grown man cry!

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One Response to It’s a cruel world…

  1. Jeremy Thake says:

    LOL you should invest in a PDA mate to make sure you have reminders flying!

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