You know you have done a good job when…

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When I wrote the series on SharePoint project failure, I had (and still have) a strong belief that I had gotten fairly close to the root causes of many a failed SharePoint project. As a result of this, I approach SharePoint engagements somewhat differently I think, to many other consultants in the space. I’ll write about my approaches sometime, but you can probably get a fair idea from reading the project fail stuff.

Anyhow, my last few SharePoint engagements have gone really well, so well in fact I’ve not had much opportunity to write too much. But I thought I’d share this one little story for you.

This week I was out on site at a client, and my main contact (and internal SharePoint "champion") told me that she was demonstrating some particular functionality to one of the users and the user said "Oh, I’ve seen this already, David showed me".

"David" in this case happens to be the CEO of the organisation 🙂


You know that you have done a good job when the CEO has become an evangelist for you!

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