Is Azure Death Magnetic?

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Microsoft and Metallica have more in common than people realise. Don’t believe me? Then here is my CleverWorkarounds "check the facts"(tm) campaign to prove it!


Fact Microsoft Metallica
They were both cool in the 80’s    
They released some groundbreaking stuff in the 80’s DOS 3 Ride The Lightning album
Master of Puppets
In the 90′ they took off big-time and the mainstream really caught on, but they alienated some older fans Windows 95 The Black Album
They released some utter crap trying to please their newfound mainstream fanbase Windows Me
Windows Vista
St Anger
They both sued people who were illegally copying their stuff    
Everybody loves to hate their figurehead Bill Gates Lars Urlich
They became a dinosaur and admitting you were a fan made you subject to ridicule    
They tried to improve their image by hanging with cool people Jerry Seinfeld The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra
Their competitors started attracting their former fans Apple
They have both been abused at slashdot    
Both have anger management issues Steve Balmer James Hetfield


Now here is the all important question. Does the trend continue?? You tell me? 🙂


Both recently released the best thing they have done in years Azure? Death Magnetic


Well, at least Metallica has released the best album in 20 years. What about Microsoft with Azure?

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