Report on which web2.0 technologies work for the enterprise

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I thought that this article was topical given that I am writing on how organisational culture and behavioural style impacts the sorts of collaborative tools that individuals and organisations gravitate to and find useful.

The reports cover 11 common Web 2.0 technologies that can potentially find value in the enterprise:

  • microblogs,
  • prediction markets,
  • social networking,
  • widgets,
  • blogs,
  • RSS feeds,
  • wikis,
  • forums,
  • podcasts, and
  • social bookmarks.,-Podcasts-and-Social-Bookmarking-Slow-51507.aspx

The short version for those who can’t be stuffed reading it?

  • Microblogs – too early to tell
  • Forums, Podcasts and Social Bookmarking are not seen as strategically valuable to enterprises.
  • Wikis are popular and well adopted, blogs also popular (but less than wikis)
  • Social networking tools are finding value in certain demographics but have not really taken off yet

Do readers agree with their conclusions?

I have to say that regarding forums, a lot of clients ask for them and many always seem to be blank 🙂

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4 Responses to Report on which web2.0 technologies work for the enterprise

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  2. I think the reason blogs and pod casting hasn’t really taken off is simply because of the age gap. Let’s think about how typically these mediums are read? Internet and mobile devices. If we look at simple age demographics this will pick up exponentially in the coming years because youth use the new social/technology mediums regularly, are familiar with them, and see them for what they are, more tools/methodologies that can improve communication internally and externally for an organization.

    The future should be very interesting indeed.

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