I finally succumbed to the mugshot…

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I’ve always avoided too many pictures of myself online – I think its the little security person that sits on my left shoulder and says "privacy privacy", usually louder than the little marketing person on my right saying "go on you handsome devil!"

I was only just coming to grips with the guys at the Best Practices SharePoint Conference putting up a small thumbnail and then Arno Nel goes and puts a large one on an interview I just did for SharePoint Magazine. Damn!, I forgot to turn my collar up and put some product in my hair – where is Jeremy Thake when you need him! 🙂

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2 Responses to I finally succumbed to the mugshot…

  1. Jeremy Thake says:

    Mate say the word and I’ll style ur hair! ha ha maybe some highlights!

  2. Mark Miller says:

    Paul – Thanks for the link. I’ve now snagged the picture and no matter what Jeremy does to your hair, I’ve got the original image for your future articles. — Mark

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