Mike’s code-monkey "SharePoint suitability" quiz

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Ah – this is exactly my sense of humour. My colleague Mike Stringfellow wrote a post called "Code Monkey Hates SharePoint" where he presents a quick multi-choice questionnaire of seemingly innocent questions that allows you to determine how predisposed your code-monkey is to completely butchering your SharePoint environment. Apparently there is not much difference between "the ideal SharePoint developer" and a serial killer 🙂

Good stuff – you can check it out here

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4 Responses to Mike’s code-monkey "SharePoint suitability" quiz

  1. James Love says:

    Brilliant 🙂

  2. Paul — Link may have broken? Please send update, as there is a group of outstanding .NET developers with whom I’d like to share this. Sorry we won’t meet up in Annapolis, but I hope to catch you in Vegas. rgds, mg

  3. srinivas says:


    The Link seems to be broken. Could you please send me the link or update it on this page.


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