Seven Sigma is officially a CogNexus Institute Designated Partner

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Hi all

This is the culmination of a significant amount of effort and a long time in the making, but I am extremely proud that Seven Sigma, the company that I am a co-founder and partner of, is now officially recognised as the first CogNexus Institute "Designated Partner" in the world. I first came across the unique work of Jeff Conklin and CogNexus some time ago and it has changed forever the way that I and my Seven Sigma colleagues approach all of our client engagements. We have been using the CogNexus philosophy, teachings and methods for complex problem solving ever since and are now uniquely qualified in this craft – not only in Australia but much of the world.

This goes way beyond our original SharePoint competencies (and believe me, we are not too shabby at SharePoint!). We are regularly called upon to practice the craft of Issue and Dialogue Mapping outside of the traditional IT discipline, assisting clients to make sense of complex or wicked problems confronting them. Whether we are helping a group of stakeholders to decide issues of transport and road infrastructure, helping a board of directors determine their corporate strategy, or simply righting the ship of a SharePoint or IT project gone haywire, we have proven our competency in this craft. Hence, our skills are now formally recognised.

If you are wondering what this is all about, then it is best to to read my current "One Best Practice" series of articles found here. 

Does it work? Well, our clients seem to think so. Check out this quote from the ICT Manager of the Royal Flying Doctors of Western Australia

I can confirm that I have dealt with and are currently dealing with Seven Sigma Pty Ltd for our SharePoint implementation project. During the setup phase of our project we interviewed several SharePoint focused companies and found Seven Sigma to be above the rest with their overall knowledge of SharePoint and its underlying technologies.  Their approach and methodology to our project has been unique and refreshing and has been enthusiastically accepted by our project team and end-users. It is evident that their ability to map the underlying processes and clearly decipher these during the project kick-off will be a key success factor to our project. Their work to date has been a major factor in empowering our users which will directly assist in our intranet project becoming successful.

I can confidently recommend Seven Sigma Pty Ltd as a solid and reliable SharePoint supplier, and experts in their field.

Matthew Turany

ICT Manager

RFDS Western Operations

<plug>Want to learn more? Got a toxic wicked problem? Want to be trained on the Jedi-arts of IBIS? Then contact us and let’s talk!</plug>

Thanks for reading

Paul Culmsee

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4 Responses to Seven Sigma is officially a CogNexus Institute Designated Partner

  1. James Love says:

    Fantastic! So does this mean we’ll get some more musings about things learnt in the field with regards to Sharepoint projects and CogNexus methodologies? 🙂

  2. admin says:

    That and much more 🙂 See the InfoPath post for a funny example 🙂

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  4. Paul

    I’m completely new to Dialog Mapping and Wicked Problems. I run an intranet for a large corporate that has a big sharepoint implementation as well and on reading your ‘one best practice to rule them all’ series got it!

    Thank you so much for putting Compendium, which I had come across before, in a context that spoke to me.

    When I got to post 6 of the ‘one best practice’ I downloaded compendium and it wouldn’t run on my Vista box. So I thought about other options I could make use of to try out Dialog mapping. I turned to the things I know and came up with
    Dialog mapping with MindMeister. Anyone can edit this map and I hope some folks do – as you can see I really don’t understand the basic tennants of the practice but I hope it gives you and others another tool you can make use of.


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