Seattle (and Bend) here we come!

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Hi all

Just a quick post to let you all know that in around 11 hours I’m off on a long flight back to US shores – my first trip for quite some time. We will be in Seattle, Portland, Bend, San Francisco and Napa. I am really, really looking forward to this trip for a number of reasons.

  • Its my first ever SharePoint Governance and Information Architecture Class in the US and I intend to deliver a knockout class. The class has essentially sold out (at the time of writing one remaining place looks like its about to be filled). Erica Toelle has been absolutely brilliant, has placed a lot of faith in me and I do not intend to let her, or any of the attendees down.
  • I’m also speaking at the Seattle SharePoint User Group in early May 5th (with Ruven) and also speaking at the Bend SharePoint User Group on May 9th, both on some SharePoint Governance Home Truths. I don’t get to the US very often and that is not going to change anytime soon, so I suggest you don’t assume you can wait till next time, because that may be a while! If you know someone who needs a bit of an intervention or some governance “deprogramming”, then send them my way! Smile
  • A major, major milestone this year has been achieved. My Beyond Best Practices book is finally complete! I am super excited by this book too. I think we have really delved into areas that no other book has really done in terms of collaboration and dealing with complex, difficult to solve problems. We are sorting out publishers so hopefully there will be some face to face meetings when I am in San Francisco and I will be able to give you some relatively firm dates on when it might grace a bookshelf, iPad or Kindle. (I’ll cover some stuff from the book in the Seattle class).
  • I’ll have an opportunity to catch up with the likes of Erica Toelle, Ruven Gotz, Christian Buckley, Bill English, Jeff Conklin and a number of other people who I rarely get to see “in the flesh”. Maybe there is time to squeeze in another musical collaboration with Mr Buckley eh?
  • Best of all, my family is coming with me and we are taking a holiday while we are here – wohoo!

So if you are in Seattle between May 1-7, or the Bay Area between May 10-13, get in contact!

See you soon!


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