New videos: Demonstrating the value of Dialogue Mapping

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In December I recorded a podcast with Nick Martin over at This was a fun interview for two reasons. Nick is a really smart guy and great to talk to, and it was Friday afternoon, close to Christmas and I was drinking a beer Smile

In any event, these two videos present an overview of what Dialogue Mapping is all about, some of the case studies where I have used it, and a demonstration of its utility. You will learn:

  • What Dialogue Mapping is and what it can do for you and your stakeholders
  • Learn when to use Dialogue Mapping and when not to
  • Learn how there is no setup or training that the participants have to go through when they’re in a Dialogue Mapping session
  • Learn how all participants feel like they’re being heard when being Dialogue Mapped
  • Hear an great case study when I used Dialogue Mapping for the first time…
  • Hear how as a mapper, you don’t need to be an expert in the subject being discussed
  • Glean a few insights about the Heretics guide to best practices book

To view the interview and demonstration, head on over to


thanks for reading

Paul Culmsee

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