Advanced PowerApps Awesomeness in Sydney

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First up, if you are not aware, the Digital Workplace Conference is about to land in Sydney. I strongly recommend you attend this conference. In my opinion there has never been a more fascinating time to be involved in the world of Office365/SharePoint and Azure and some top people are going to be speaking.

I have spent the better part of the last two years working with cloud first organisations, and frankly I’m amazed at what is available in the base edition of Office365. I suspect many organisations are not particularly aware of the capabilities available to be exploited – which brings me onto my topic.

In case you are not aware, I am a bit of a fan of PowerApps. I see it having huge potential for citizen developers and more technically-minded folk alike. Most recently I have been teaching it to my daughter, who at 18 years of age, is busy studying her first year of psychology at university. For someone with no formal programming experience, she has come a long way, as this video demonstrates. In this video, we cover a real-world scenario and make use of a lot of tricks to get a nice, solid solution.

So why am I telling you this? Well I am presenting at the Digital Workplace Conference in Sydney this month, and my session is called “A Certificate in Advanced PowerApps Awesomeness” and I will be covering some of the tricks behind what we did in this video, as well as a couple of other apps that Ashlee wrote. I will be sharing various pearls of wisdom from Ashlee, who presents a fun perspective on Microsoft products. Ever seen those “kids react to?” videos on YouTube?  Well, watching Ashlee work on PowerApps is kind of like that Smile

Therefore I will share some Ashlee-penned pearls of 18 year old wisdom such as…

“Do not put spaces in the name of your SharePoint libraries, because PowerApps can’t handle it and will have a huge hissy fit”

So I hope to see you in Sydney, where I will delve into this beast known as PowerApps and show you what an 18 year old with no formal experience can do with the platform.

I’ll cover PowerApps deeper than the typical demos, but at the same time business-oriented folks shouldn’t be too off-put by it.

Hope to see you there!


Paul Culmsee

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One Response to Advanced PowerApps Awesomeness in Sydney

  1. PK Hong says:


    A wonderful presentation and good guide to a non-programmer, as of me. If I have the chance, I definitely will be part of the conference to learn and see more examples and real life applications.


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