jQuery: SharePoint Blu-Tack

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A quick observation: Jeremy wrote a good post on the ins and outs of jQuery as a SharePoint band-aid. Having done a little messing with JavaScript (under duress) I had a peek at his well thought out post. After reading it however, I came away thinking that jQuery was more like blu-tack than a band-aid. I’m not sure why I felt this, but after reading the blu-tack article on wikipedia, I knew I was right.

I am now going to substitite "blu-tack" with "jQuery" and quote directly from wikipedia.

jQuery is a versatile, reusable putty-like pressure based adhesive

Check: When the project manager is breathing down your neck to "get that $%^%$ site out now", you can throw in some jQuery in a content editor web part and avoid writing anything server side.

But the clincher argument for me was this one…

jQuery can leave an oily stain on paper materials if attached for a long period of time.

Hehe! Although band-aids can hurt a lot when they come off, I think the oily stain metaphor is better 🙂

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One Response to jQuery: SharePoint Blu-Tack

  1. Jeremy Thake says:

    “You say Potatoe, I say Potaaaato” 😉

    I’m glad we are on the same page with this one…and the stains stick like !*@$@ to a blanket too! Trust me, I lost my bond on my last rental over blutack on the walls!