Explaining the new book in 3 minutes…

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The power of video as a means to convey a message and engage an audience cannot be under-estimated. For my new book, The Heretics Guide to Management, we decided to record a video after Kailash had played around with VideoScribe for some of his blog articles. My daughter, Ashlee is a talented artist and she and I fleshed out a basic script to explain the book with some imagery ideas.

The net result is the video below. The narrator is my son Liam, and I think the theme of “teddies for grown ups” really works when narrated by a child.

Both Ashlee and Liam did an amazing job and we were absolutely stoked with the result. For the record, the tools used were Camtasia for the recording, VideoScribe for the visuals and Ashlee’s Intuous Comic touch tablet.

Hope you enjoy the video… Let me know what you think Smile

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2 Responses to Explaining the new book in 3 minutes…

  1. Tony says:

    Love the video,

    Reminds me of “Management, that is a very long word” Pooh reflected, It is the kind of word Owl uses …

  2. stephen says:

    cool clip , will need to buy the book 🙂

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