From Rick Astley to Fidget Spinners: A slew of PowerApps and Flow video tutorials

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I have been recording various videos over time of some advanced PowerApps and Flow concepts/solutions. All of these are either workarounds for current limitations in PowerApps or Flow or work I have done with my daughter, Ashlee.  I have listed each here with explanations…

How to Save Photos from PowerApps to SharePoint via Flow

This video outlines a robust and flexible method for uploading photos from PowerApps to SharePoint. At the time of writing, it is the best option despite having to create OpenAPI files.


Calling Cognitive Services Vision API from PowerApps via Flow

This video demonstrates a simple receipt tracker that uses the OCR capability of Microsoft cognitive services to find price information from a scanned receipt.


How to set SharePoint list permissions using Flow

This video shows the high level view on how Flow can be used to set SharePoint permissions, much like an app step that is used in SharePoint Designer. It also demonstrates the idea of breaking up flows into reusable chunks – called service flows.


It’s not a Flow, nor a Proxy… It’s a Floxy!!

This is an example of utilising flow to display document library content in PowerApps. I also wrote a detailed post about this one…


How To Rickroll Your Friends Using PowerApps

A funny app with some very clever design considerations. This was actually done by my daughter, Ashlee. She explains how she did it below…


Paul and Ashlee on PowerApps

More nerdy fun with my daughter, who is already an accomplished PowerApps coder as you will soon see. In this video, she build me a sophisticated audit/checklist app using Microsoft PowerApps and Flow. This app demonstrates offline support, calling external API’s and photo handling.



and finally….the famous fidget spinner…

Build a FidgetSpinner using PowerApps

Demonstrating the power of the PowerApps platform for citizen developers, Ashlee won a contest from Microsoft to create a fidget spinner using PowerApps. In this video, Ashlee explains to me how she built the app and shames me for my dodgy high school maths…

p.s don’t miss out the Solar System PowerApps by MVP Daniel Christian, who was inspired by Ashlee’s fidget spinner. Amazing stuff…

I think these videos highlight the flexibility and power of this platform. Let me know if you would like me or Ashlee to record others or expand on them!

Paul Culmsee

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2 Responses to From Rick Astley to Fidget Spinners: A slew of PowerApps and Flow video tutorials

  1. Antoinette Naranjo says:

    Greetings – do any of your tutorials go into detail about how to set up for offline and send to SharePoint once reconnected? I’ve watched some of the videos and see that you briefly discuss the offline feature. However, I am seeking in depth to better understand collections/patch, etc. Thank you

  2. Malcolm Thompson says:

    Hi , I’m just starting to learn Powerapps and find dicecting examples a great way to improve my knowledge. Is there anymore detail on the audit app? It seems to cover lots of interesting aspects of PowerPoint. Would you be willing to share the app as an example to us newbies?


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